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A Pattern Tour of Uzbekistan with Esra & Samira

​In this series of live online classes, Esra and I revisited Uzbekistan virtually, by drawing & painting some of the beautiful patterns we saw on our trip to Uzbekistan in 2019. As well as guiding you through the geometry & biomorphic drawings, the sessions were enriched with a few travel photos, videos and stories from a most excellent adventure in this beautiful country.

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​​SAMARKAND -Recording & PDFs


TASHKENT - Recording & PDFs


KHIVA - Recording & PDFs


BUKHARA - Recording & PDFs


All four Cities Recordings & PDFs


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Booking is possible via this page or Esra's website (only purchase it once please). 

The Gallery below shows art work by participants shared on Instagram:

The TASHKENT Sessions - 4 hours of RECORDINGS & PDFs included.

In the first session in February, Samira teaches the construction of the beautiful 12/8 pattern from a Metro Station in Tashkent along with a second more conventional variation from the Old City of Tashkent. In the second session, Esra teaches the free-hand biomorphic drawings that fill the geometric shapes.