A Pattern Tour of Uzbekistan with Esra & Samira

​In this series of live online classes, we revisit Uzbekistan virtually, by drawing & painting some of the beautiful patterns we saw on our trip to Uzbekistan in 2019. As well as guiding you through the geometry & biomorphic drawings, the live sessions will be enriched with a few travel photos, videos and stories from a most excellent adventure in this beautiful country.

All are Saturdays, 4 to 6pm London time


5th & 12th, June 2021


7th & 14th August 2021

TASHKENT - Recording & PDFs

6th & 13th February 2021

KHIVA - Recording & PDFs

3rd & 10th: April 2021


£45 for each month’s course of two live 2 hour sessions  accompanied by PDFs & recordings of the live sessions.

Purchase all four courses/cities with a 10% discount (£162)

You can choose your preferred option from the drop down menu.

Booking is possible via this page or Esra's website (only purchase it once please). 

The BUKHARA Sessions - 4-6pm GMT+1 (London),  Saturdays 5th & 12th, June 2021

 4 hours LIVE ZOOMs, RECORDINGS & PDFs included (£45)

In the first Bukhara session, Samira teaches the geometry of a 12/8 pattern found in many different locations. In the second session, Esra will teach the different free-hand biomorphic elements of different examples from the architecture in Bukhara.

The SAMARKAND Sessions - 4-6pm GMT+1(London), Saturdays 7th & 14th August 2021

 4 hours LIVE ZOOMs, RECORDINGS & PDFs included (£45)

Samira will take you through the geometric construction & Esra will guide you with the free-hand biomorphic drawings that will be filling the geometric shapes. The patterns for Samarkand will be published shortly.

Patterns from Samarkand with Esra Al Ham

The TASHKENT Sessions - 4 hours of RECORDINGS & PDFs included.

In the first session in February, Samira teaches the construction of the beautiful 12/8 pattern from a Metro Station in Tashkent along with a second more conventional variation from the Old City of Tashkent. In the second session, Esra teaches the free-hand biomorphic drawings that fill the geometric shapes. 

The KHIVA Sessions -  4 hours of RECORDINGS & PDFs included

The patterns of Khiva are far more intricate in terms of the biomorphic elements. In the first session from April, Samira teaches the geometry & Esra teaches the biomorphic elements for the first pattern from Khiva, In the second Esra and Samira repeat this for a different eightfold pattern, both from the Summer Palace of the Kuhna Ark.


These workshops will be hosted zoom (an online platform). You will need to download Zoom on your phone or on your computer. You will receive a link the day before every session.



Every session will be recorded for you to access after the live session. These will be accessible to view via a link. You will receive the link 48 hours after each session and you can view it as many times as you want for life. 

Suitable for

Intermediate level geometers with experience of drawings  and participants aged 16+. If you are a beginner and would like to enroll, we suggest you practise plenty before the start of course to make sure you are better prepared. Try working through Five & Tenfold patterns or Twelvefold Islamic Geometric Rosettes.  We will work at a pace aimed at intermediate level geometers, however if it is difficult to keep up do try to have the PDF step by step guide to hand and remember you can always continue after the session following the recordings.


Tools needed for geometry:

  • A3 & A4 smooth paper;

  • A compass;

  • 30cm transparent ruler;

  • 2H & 2B pencil;

  • Fineliner pens;

  • Tracing paper;

  • Masking tape

Tools needed for freehand biomorphs

  • Drawing from session 1

  • Tracing Paper (2 A4 sheets), you will need that for the drawing stage. You can use baking paper instead!

  • Sharp HB pencil

  • Fine Eraser pen

  • Masking tape

Please make sure you have the tools/equipment needed to participate. For recommendations visit 

www.samiramian.uk/equipment or https://www.islamicillumination.com/blog/paints-papers-brushes-for-islamic-illumination  

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend one or more of the sessions, please do remember that you will have access to the recordings as described above as well as a PDF step by step guide. If you would still like to cancel your place, a refund is only possible if we are notified before links & resources have been emailed to you (usually the day before the course start date).