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Drawing Islamic Geometric Designs

Alan Adams created this group as a place to share information and instruction on Islamic Geometric Design. An excellent forum where patterns & constructions are shared and discussed. Note also the file section where  you can find many construction PDFs which teach how to draw patterns. Many of the files are also posted to www.scribd.com under, Alan Adams.

Analysis of the islamic geometric designs

Ayman Soliman created this group to share his and others analysis of Islamic geometric patterns and design.

Mohamad Aljanabi's Zakhrafa school

A wonderful opportunty to learn from someone who clearly has a wealth of authentic and indepth knowledge.  Many vidoes and step by step PDFs have been posted already.

Rajen Astho

Rajen has posted many detailed step by step tutorials on some amazing and unusual patterns - it's so good to see  more complex ones that arent shared elsewhere.


In particular, I return to a pattern from Madrassa Attarine, This pattern has been published widely and done so incorrectly. So with many thanks to Rajen, we can now fix the inconsistences in the rosettes surrounding the central rosette.

Online resources



An extensive archive of images of patterns in situ from around the world. As well as drawings, diagrams & analyses and earlier published materials.


This excellent database has three aims:

Provide a comprehensive collection of high quality images of geometric tiling patterns; Provide a means of locating images by means of their geometric properties; Provide an authoritative source for such patterns.



Founded in 2008 by Adam Williamson and Richard Henry, AOIP offer courses and workshops on Islamic Art & Design in London and on international study trips to a variety of locations, including Istanbul, Morocco, Granada and Cairo.


The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts was founded in 2004 by HRH The Prince of Wales. It developed from the Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts Programme (VITA) established at The Royal College of Art in 1984 by Professor Keith Critchlow.

The PSTA's Open Programme offers lectures, workshops and short, practical courses in traditional arts and crafts.


SAOG run short courses and symposia in the practice and philosophy of Sacred Geometry and the arts of the Quadrivium at SAOG Studios and Emerson College in Sussex, UK and worldwide.

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