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 The Drawing Geometry Sessions at


Monthly Saturdays, 12 to 2pm, £20

or Book 4 places for £70

28 October

25 November

16 December

Drawing geometric constructions & patterns by hand is both a satisfying & absorbing process as much as it is a challenging and frustrating one. Somewhere in amongst these qualities, we feel such joy & wonder. We surprise ourselves with the beauty and complexity we create on a blank page with just a compass, straight edge and mark maker. It’s a process that needs our full attention and so empties our headspace of any of the stresses that we carry around otherwise. A process that connects us to humanity throughout time, from the Sumerians, Babylonians and Greeks to the Islamic Golden era to the Geometry and proportions of the Renaissance.


Drop in to any monthly session as a one off or make it a regular feature of each month. Monthly sessions can be a wonderful regular geometry escape and for those who have more time to spare: draw, redraw, colour and embellish constructions & patterns at home at an entirely leisurely pace.


Although the following will be provided:

  • Smooth A4 drawing paper;

  • Technical Compass,

  • 30cm transparent ruler,

  • 2H & H pencils;

  • Erasers and sharpeners;

  • Colouring pencils;

  • Black pigment fine liners;

Feel free to bring your own materials & resources.

Recommendations are available on

These sessions are open to beginners. No previous knowledge or experience is needed and the sessions are suitable for any ability aged 14+.

Book your place by choosing your date from the drop down menu and pressing the "Add to Cart" button.

Book multiple places in the "Your shopping cart" window that will follow.

Book multipe months, by returning back to this window by pressing the"Continue shopping" in the top right hand corner of your shopping cart.  Any problems, do get in touch.

All bookings receive a confirmation by email, please be sure to check your paypal account email address junk mail or spam folder.


If more than 14 days in advance of the workshop: A full refund or transfer to an equivalent workshop on an alternative date.

If 7 to 14 days in advance of the workshop: I can transfer your place to an equivalent workshop on an alternative date.

Less than 7 days in advance of the workshop:  I’m afraid I am unable to offer a refund nor transfer to an equivalent workshop on an alternative date.  I appreciate that sometimes unforeseen circumstances may mean that you can’t attend, so please do consider sending along a friend to take your place. I would need their name and contact details prior to the workshop.

Gift Certificate personalised.png

GIfting a workshop place to a loved one is easy. Book a place or multiple places at any of the venue that suits you. Then let me know by email that it's a gift, who it's for and any personal message. I can then create a bespoke gift card PDF for you to email or print and post to your loved one. If you're not sure of dates. Pick any future date and I can  arrange as needed with either you or your loved one.

Order your "Perfect for Geometry" square notebooks for delivery at a workshop or UK or International delivery


See details on

Unit 14, OPEN Ealing Arts Centre, London W5 2TD
The unit between Jigsaw and Gym Box in the passage known as School Lane.
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