Samira Mian's Patreon - How it Works

Patreon allows you to support creators with a monthly subscription in return for benefits. In my case, all tiers of memebership give you access to live Zoom draw-a-longs with PDF and recording  and access to a growing archive dating back to August 2020. It all evolved from an idea from a lovely geometry pal, who emailed me suggesting I try Patreon and here I am how many months later! Very grateful to Robyn and those who have jumped on board!


The zoom chats  in 2020 were fab an this is what we covered:

August Patreon's Chat: Compass Show and Tell

September Patreon's Chat - Mark Makers

October Patreon's Chat - Paper & Some of the Books

November Patreon's Zoom on Books

December Patreon's Zoom on Organisation & Storage

​​​​They happily evolved to 2021 Draw-a-longs, which come come with  a preamble: First the pattern (for any one who wants to have a go at pattern analysis), then the step by step PDF, then the zoom draw-a-long, second sunday of each of month, different times for all the global patreon family and then finally a recording for anyone who cant make it:

 January 2021 Zoom - Alcazabar of Malaga - Sixfold

 February 2021 Zoom - Eight, Six & Fourfold Zellige

 March 2021 Zoom - Eightfold Pattern - Minbar of the al-Aqsa Mosque

 April 2021 Zoom - Eightfold Pattern – Alhambra

 May’s 2021 Zoom - May’s Pattern – Curved Motif – Alhambra

 June 2021 Zoom - Twelvefold x 2 – Umayyad Mosque of Damascus

 July 2021 Zoom - Three Persian & Mughal Sixfold Variations

 August 2021 Zoom - Square Arrangement of July Pattern 

September 2021 Zoom - Mughal Octagram & Octagon Variations

Remaining 2021 schedule for the zoom draw-a-longs:

7pm GMT+1 Sun 10th Oct

7pm GMT, Sun 14th Nov

2pm GMT, Sun 12th Dec

More details of the 2022  schedule coming soon!

BEFORE YOU JOIN PLEASE READ THIS FIRST so you don't end up paying for two months back to back. This is important for all NEW Patrons! When you join you get charged right away for the current month, after that you get charged like everyone else on the 1st of the next month. E.g. A new patron joins our Patreon community on 25th February for $10 per month. You will be charged $10 on the day you join, 25th February  (for February patronage). Then on 1st March you will be charged $9 for March patronage and then the 1st each month there on in.  So to get good value you may want to consider joining on or after the 1st of a month. (All current Patrons always get charged on the 1st of each month).