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Patreon Pattern of the Month - Feb 2022
Patreon Pattern of the Month - Feb 2022

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Patreon Pattern of the Month - Jan 2022
Patreon Pattern of the Month - Jan 2022

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Patreon Pattern of the Month - Jan 2021
Patreon Pattern of the Month - Jan 2021

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Patreon Pattern of the Month - Feb 2022
Patreon Pattern of the Month - Feb 2022

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Patreon allows you to support creators like me with a monthly subscription in return for benefits!

I’m on Patreon in 2022 thanks to an idea from a lovely geometry pal, who emailed me suggesting I try Patreon in Summer 2020… so very grateful to Robyn and those who jumped on board when I didn’t quite know what I was doing….

The 2020 zoom chats were great, but frankly I was itching to start drawing. So hence a draw-a-long schedule from 2021. This become and is now the main offering of my patreon: a monthly practical 1.5hrs Zoom where we draw and chat and go off on tangents!

Each month I like to plan my in-person workshops & patreon patterns altogether, all around one theme. I often teach a pattern on Patreon and then the same one in my workshops. Some of you actually come to my in-person workshops and are patrons on here too! THANK YOU!! And I just want to be a little realistic and open, that I will try my best to have something different for you, but I wont always manage it! So just a little head's up on the potential duplication, I cant  guarantee that I will avoid it!

SUMMARY of Tiers & Benefits in 2022:
The $4 Pyrrole Orange Tier is by far the most popular, I guess you get a lot of bang for your buck as they say! So in 2022  you will be able to access the posts, PDF, Zoom and recording for the month you subscribe to, however many months that is. E.g. if you join in Feb 2022, you don’t get access to Jan 2022 or any of the 2021/2020 content. 

The $10 Cerulean Blue Tier will have Pyrrole Orange Tier benefits PLUS access to the archive of PDFs & Zoom Recordings from 2020/21 and now 2022 too.

The $14 Rose Madder Tier will have Cerulean Blue Tier benefits PLUS on their 1 year anniversary an annual original signed A4 sized Ink & Watercolour Islamic Geometric Pattern on watercolour paper posted to you.

The $50 Phthalo Blue Tier will have Rose Madder Tier benefits PLUS 1 hour one to one monthly zoom tuition.

1st or 2nd Sunday of the month, three different times rotated equally through the year. Link to recording posted the following day:

10am GMT, Sun 9th Jan
2pm GMT, Sun 6th February
7pm GMT, Sun 6th Marrch
10am GMT+1, Sun 10th April
7pm GMT+1, Sun 8th May
2pm GMT+1, Sun 5th June
10am GMT+1, Sun 3rd July
2pm GMT+1, Sun 7th August
7pm GMT+1 Sun 11th Sepptemer
10am GMT+1 Sun 9th Occtober
7pm GMT, Sun 13th November
2pm GMT, Sun 11th December

I will share the monthly zoom link on the 1st,  I send the PDF a few days before the ZOOM and then a reminder is sent the day before the zoom. These dates may change! But I will try to give plenty of notice!

NOTE: When you join you get charged right away for the current month, after that you get charged like everyone else on the 1st of the next month. E.g. A new patron joins my Patreon community on 25th June for $10 per month. You will be charged $10 on the day you join, 25th June (for June patronage). Then on 1st July you will be charged $10 for July patronage and then the 1st each month there on in. 
So to get good value you may want to consider joining on or soon after the 1st of a month. (All current Patrons always get charged on the 1st of each month).