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Happy to take commissions.  Do get in touch via the contact page if you are interested in an original painting of your own.  It'd be super if you could give me an idea of any details, such as the pattern/design, size and colours you're interested in. I can then give you an idea of price and a time frame.
Talens silver gouache mixed with Schminc
So here she is, in all her metallic glor
This foray into florals is a bit of bump
Still enjoying this pattern (analysis by
When I was little, I loved eating sweets
Samsung S8 camera + bright  sunshine + W
And it is done! Alll pencil lines gone,
And it's finally done
Doah! I missed a bit!_I was too busy tak
I stare at this lot and think, which col
I was being hypnotised by _sandy
And it's done! I paused between each sta
I'm not built for biomorphs, or if I am
I don't mean to go on about it... BUT...
and it is done! The fade isn't as gradua
Oh hi autumn sunshine, accompanied by a
As I sit here waiting for my Evelyn's Su
Had ANOTHER  fab workshop today
and then I added shades of blues and tea
This really is crazy bright in real life
So first thing is..
If you can't be at the beach..
A classic #zellig #pattern in semi class
Done diddly done
Commission trio
Commission work 3
Commission work 1
Commission work 2
All set and sorted,  ready to go to and good home for a good cause..
And done..
It's finished, outlined in fineliner pen as I was sure to fluff it if I used a paint brush!__I took
And it's done with umijaan holding it the bright September sunshine
My finished painting enjoying a little photo shoot with an old pot I made and my fave fern.__And and
Finished!__#Islamicpattern #Islamicgeometry #Islamicart #art #pattern #geometry #art #paint  #painti
I finished my little trio☺__Will most certainly change up the proportions courtesy of _hanahorack's
This makes me feel hungry._It's kinda juicy
A pattern from Medressa Attarine and also from the Qaraouine, both in Fes, seconds from one another.
Allah💜 #islimi#islamicpattern #islamicart#allah##calligraphy#gouache#paint#art#myartwork#artcollect
Going for the shady 3D effect
Gold, oranges and reds. My other joint-first-commission getting it's finishing touches
So like Bobby getting shot was a dream and Clooney's Batman was a bit dodgy, let's forget about yest
Shadiness and gold from two summers ago...who knew it would be the beginning of such an adventure. A
A #geometric tribute to superman maybe..
white spaces
I've begun revisiting older patterns and this was the first one I fancied doing..
Finished, and about time too, with all the other geometry related shenanigansI didn't think I'd ever
Attempting a shadowy-shady-3D affair
When I surrendered to the colours of the Alhambra
So I had trouble staying within the lines... went around the whole painting with white paint.
I heart this one on so many levels for a multitude of reasons, that I'd have enough to waffle on abo
Done diddly done. More or less Christmassy than before...
The sheild is complete - and so shiny too
Done diddly done._I like it, but its too darn square, these hexagons are shouting at me to go all ho
Finished. For sure. 100%, see the packing_ It's packed!_alhumdolilah!__On to the next..
One of my tasks in Fes is to collect patterns for the content of my next courses... here be the firs
hexagons in a hexagononal formation..
The silver to gold ombre is now very much aglow..
I literally walked around our indoor garden taking pictures of my painting with plants
Here it is, rough and ready but finished with my full of the colour scheme for the next...I don't lo
I do love a good weave I do
A #geometric tribute to superman maybe..
colour pencils got involved.jpg.jpg
The finished piece... I think i may have gone a tad overboard with the metallics..
Current fave, this 10 fold pattern, unwoven but delightfully fiery with intense #colour courtesy of
My messy palettes ... which will not be washed yet..
Finishing touches finished...i think.__41°C in #Fes means I shall seek out a shady spot for a few ho
So the #chefchaouen effect seeped into my painting. _I used #gouache from #winsorandnewton and #tale
I added beiges. It was meant to be, as now, it rests happily  on the beige velvety sofa
Thanks for the suggestions and the leave-it-alones
A lil photo sesh in yesterday's glorious sunshine
So I finished my painting, ate some oranges and read a book ... just casually put them all down and
And it's complete. It may need a closer inspection tho. Hope my brother likes it
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