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I'm teaching at Workshop Week! 


If like me, you somehow missed Workshop Week last year, you’re NOT gonna wanna miss it this year!


Workshop Week is a giant online art event happening 3-7 June and I'm so excited to be part of it this year!

You can find everything you need here but here’s the need-to-know:


  • 40+ art workshops

  • In lettering, painting, journaling, drawing, and sooo much more

  • 5 days– a new workshop airing every hour!

  • Your favorite artists, all in one place

  • IT’S FREE! 


And no, you don’t need to book the entire week off of work. You’ll have 24 hours to watch each workshop, so you can tune in and out as you please!

This is the first time Islamic Geometry has been included and Im chuffed to be the one sharing it! 

Of course it was such a dilemma to figure out what to teach in the short workshop... with compasses or without? with painting or without?


So I opted for a pattern which I think entices so many - Tenfold Islamic Geometric Rosette. and as I wanted as many people as possible to have a go - I opted for using a template...amazingly not everyone owns a compass!


I hope a whole new swath of people can get enticed by the patterns we know and likewise if this event is new to you... you can perhaps find a new passion too! 

See all the FAQs about it below:

IG Story #1a - Samira Mian.png
IG Story #2a - Samira Mian.png

Is Workshop Week free?

Yes! Workshop Week is completely free and you can watch all of the workshops from June 3-7 for free! Each workshop will be available for 24 hours after it airs for you to watch as many times as you like. If you decide that you want more than 24 hours with each workshop, you can also purchase the Workshop Vault ( here.


If I purchase the Workshop Vault now, do I get to watch workshops early?

YES! As soon as you purchase the Workshop Vault you can start watching– no need to wait until the event kicks off! You can purchase an all-access pass for INSTANT and indefinite access to all of the workshops here:

What timezone are the workshops in?

The workshops are in EDT. You can convert that to your own timezone accordingly (here is a link to a timezone converter: However, each workshop is available for a full 24 hours so you do not need to watch it exactly when it airs. Everyone in the world has the same 24-hour window to watch when it makes the most sense for them.


Will I get a supplies list before the workshop so I know what tools I need?

Yes, of course! A complete supplies guide will be emailed to you soon! Don’t worry. (If you purchased the Workshop Vault, the supplies guide is already available to you underneath each lesson.)

I didn’t get an email after registering. What do I do?

The welcome email isn't instant - it can take a few minutes for our system to get you set up on the back end. You should receive the email soon. If you don’t see it after an hour, please check your junk, spam and/or promotions folders. If all else fails, email for assistance.

Is social media required?

Nope. All of the workshops will stream directly on the Workshop Week website ( The Workshop Vault is available via Teachable. Social media is optional.

Where will the workshops be streamed?

The workshops will stream on during Workshop Week (June 3 - 7).

Do I have to watch live?

Nope! Each workshop will be available for replay for 24 hours. You can watch anytime within that 24 hours. And if you think you might miss it, you can purchase the Workshop Vault to retain access to every workshop indefinitely.

Will there be replays available?

Each workshop will be available for free for 24 hours. You can purchase the Workshop Vault for instant and indefinite access to all of the workshops here:


Can I have access longer than 24 hours?

Each workshop will be available for free for 24 hours. Out of fairness to the instructors who spent their time creating these workshops, there will not be any extensions to the 24-hour periods. You can purchase the Workshop Vault for instant and indefinite access to all of the workshops if you need more time!

How much is the Workshop Vault?

$49 USD until June 2nd, and then the price goes up when the event kicks off. You can view all pricing at


Can I purchase just a few of the workshops? I don’t want all of them.

No. The Workshop Vault is all or no nothing, so they can't be split up. The Workshop Vault is totally optional though! No pressure… you can still watch any of the workshops you do want for free during Workshop Week.


What else is included in the Vault?

The Vault is exactly as described– access to all of the workshops, indefinitely. You get indefinite and immediate access to all of the workshops so you don’t have to follow our timeline during the live event. The vault also comes with instant access, so you don't have to wait until June 6th to start watching.

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