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Purchase the recordings & PDFs. 

£80 for recordings of the zooms for Session 1 to 4 and 

Sessions 1 & 2  PDFs and

See art work by participants in the gallery below:

Inspired by the beauty of patterns found in the pages of Martin Lings book, Esra and I found beauty and details in similar patterns that appealed to their different aesthetics and interests. I was drawn to the small details of geometry in titles and on the Frontispieces. Whilst Esra was appreciating the curves and symmetry of the stylised floral motifs within the different geometric shapes as well those that elevating whole pages with ornate borders. From these conversations, this course was born.

Samira will take you through step by step the construction of two patterns exclusively for these zoom sessions.

Each will be accompanied by a step by step PDF for you to use during or after the sessions.

Esra will guide you with the free hand drawings that will be filling the geometric spaces and she will introduce you to a simple biomorphic border that will frame the piece along with pointers on painting and outlining. 


Session 1  - Tenfold Geometric Pattern with Samira assisted by Esra.

Session 2 -  Sixteenfold Geometric Pattern with Samira assisted by Esra.

Session 3 -  Biomorphic construction with Esra assisted by Samira.

Session 4 -  Painting following the art of Islamic illumination with Esra assisted by Samira.

Suitable for:

Intermediate level geometers with experience of drawings. If you are a beginner and would like to enroll, we suggest you practise by working through Five & Tenfold patterns or Twelvefold Islamic Geometric Rosettes. 

Tools needed:

Please make sure you have these tools to be able to join in with the workshop activities.

Please do visit

or for recommendations.

For Sessions 1 & 2: 

  • A3 or A4 smooth paper;

  • A quality compass;

  • 30 cm transparent ruler;

  • 2H & 2B pencil;

  • Fineliner pens;

  • Tracing paper ;

  • Masking tape.

For Session 3 & 4:

Booking & payment

Booking the course is possible via my or Esra's website. Please purchase one or the other not both.


The courses are nonrefundable once the links to the recordings & PDFS have been sent to you. 

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