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these strange times.

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As many of us are enduring social isolation and a loss of our normal activites, I hope this intruiging world of Islamic Geometric Patterns keeps us busy, positive and creative regardless of our income.


I offer many free resources & links for those of who have suffered financially:

Tutorials on YouTube, links to other free resources online, book reviews and equiment & materials recommendations.


If you're after something affordable with more practical details of & demonstrations of drawing, tracing, tiling, transferring and painting, then I have two online courses. One for complete beginners and one aimed at an intermediate level. Do view the preview videos to see what you'll be learning in these affordable online courses which have helped over 2000 students in 90 countries to get started and go on to access so uch of the free intermediate & difficult content online and in books.

My final offering is live video tuition, one to one or for small groups of up to 4 participants. We can schedule sessions and cover topics, techniques and patterns from the world fo Islamic Geometric Patterns & Design bespoke to your needs.

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