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This Month's Islamic Geometric Pattern:

Sharing my passion for Islamic Geometric Patterns:

Geometer, Artist & Educator

June 2024

Welcome to my website, a hub of all things Islamic Geometry!

See what I've been up to in my NEWS section  or join me in-person or online:


Regular monthly In-person workshops in the UK

This month, my monthly workshops resume at Harrow Arts Centre, Cass Art Kingston & OPEN Ealing  All three of my venues will now host 3 hour drawing & painting workshops. The same pattern being taught at each venue each month. I love my workshops, teaching in-person is something I benefit from hugely and enjoy so very much with the lovely mix of beginners and regulars. It's the complete teaching/learning feedback loop that is the oxygen I run on.  

Affordable & free ONLINE learning

I regularly teach LIVE online monthly via my  creator page on Patreon, it's a beautiful international online community, one of the best aspects of my work! You can see how it works and what I've previously taught here  and you can join for as little as US $4 a month: Learn to draw a new pattern each month, attend 2 Zooms + their recording + a step by step PDF guide. If you enroll on an annual membership you get 10% off! 

There is a massive 36 pattern archive that is now available in its own right for US $60, under the Phthalo Green Tier membership, the idea is, join for a month, download all the resources for 36 patterns, join in the current month's activities and if you like what you see stay for another month or two... I recommend you downgrade to one of the more affordable tiers!

If you want to try out something FREE, you can get started here to access the many resources to keep you dabbling in this intriguing world of Islamic Geometric Patterns wherever you are in the world, whatever your budget. I offer many free resources & links:  50 + Tutorials on YouTube, with a series on Five & Tenfold Patterns and Twelvefold patterns,  as well as  resources suitable for Kids & beginners, book reviews, equipment & materials recommendations and links to many free resources online from other talented geometers & artists too.

I also created two affordable & practical recorded online courses on Udemy, you can view video demonstrations along with accessing step by step PDFs to enable you to draw, trace, tile, transfer and paint Islamic Geometric Patterns.

My good friend Dr Esra Alhamal and I have taught together online, these are now available as recorded courses with PDFs: Virtual tour of Uzbekistan  and our previous course Elements of Mamluk Manuscripts 

BESPOKE private, small group, school, univeristy or workplace in-person and online workshops, talks & tuition

This is the broadest of categories and the types of events I've been delivering seem to be getting more and more diverse, from corporate & co-living spaces to schools and universities and friendship groups and family occasions - both in person & online.

Such a fun way to bring creativity into so many different worlds. So if it's something you'd like to do for adults or children please get in touchYou can see some of what I've done previously here.  I also offer live video tuition via Zoom as well as in person workshops in my studio for those in and around London as well as internationally. For either, we can schedule sessions and cover topics, techniques and patterns from the world of Islamic Geometric Patterns & Design and beyond - bespoke to your needs.

All the best from,


London, England, UK

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Give the Gift of Creativity to a loved one - a workshop, private tuition, online or in person, a note book or creativity kit!

Feel free to message me to discuss or choose an option for your Creativity Gift Card on

Order your "Perfect for Geometry" square notebook for delivery at a workshop or UK or International delivery

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I'm teaching at Workshop Week this June. If like me, you somehow missed Workshop Week last year, you’re NOT gonna wanna miss it this year! It is a giant online art event happening 3-7 June and I'm so excited to be part of it this year! You can find everything you need here but here’s the need-to-know:

  • 40+ art workshops

  • In lettering, painting, journaling, drawing, and sooo much more

  • 5 days– a new workshop airing every hour!

  • Your favorite artists, all in one place

  • IT’S FREE! 

(JUNE 2024)

So very honoured to have my artwork on the score of the @orchestralqawwaliproject at the @royalalberthall on Monday. Alhumdolillah

Thank you to @rushilmusic for letting this fan get involved and along with the amazing team at the Royal Albert Hall who made *me* feel like such a star! In my mind (and outloud), i was like no no no, I'm the fan! It blows my mind that the conductor, the musicians, singers and staff all had their hands on it....i hope they liked it too!!

(MAY 2024)

Samira Mian x Porsche ME

My first brand Collaboration! Officially, I'm the Artist for the 2024 Porsche Ramadan campaign.

I produced a range of art that will be used for Ramadan and Eid by Porsche across the Middle East  in their social media, showrooms, advertising, and billboard too!

Here are a few shots from the 100s of videos and photos we took at the very cool by Porsche on Bluewaters Island in Dubai.  Looking at each piece, I of course knew what I had done, but woah what the team went on to do with the original art work... the sheer number and quality... superb! There have been a lot of folk involved in this and all without exception, friendly, caring, talented, professional and fun. I have felt so valued!

I tell you teamwork does make the dream work. I'm eternally grateful that they chose my dream to come true... a dream way beyond my imagination.

Alhumdolillah always!

(MAR 2024)