Metallics and Gouache
Metallics and Gouache

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If you enjoy my resources, donation of any amount welcome to help sustain my work!

As many of us continue to endure social isolation and a loss of our normal activities, I hope this intriguing world of Islamic Geometric Patterns keeps us busy, positive and creative regardless of our income.

I offer many free resources & links: A variety of tutorials on YouTube, with a series on Five & Tenfold Patterns and Twelvefold patterns,   resources suitable for Kids & beginners, book reviews, equipment & materials recommendations and links to many free resources online from other talented geometers & artists.

I created two affordable & practical recorded online courses where you can view video demonstrations along with accessing  step by step PDFs to enable you to draw, trace, tile, transfer and paint Islamic Geometric Patterns.

I also offer live video tuition, one to one or for small groups of up to 4 participants. We can schedule sessions and cover topics, techniques and patterns from the world of Islamic Geometric Patterns & Design bespoke to your needs.

As of August 2020, I started a creator page on Patreon. This is an exclusive members only platform where you become a patron to support me and my work for a monthly membership fee ranging from $4 to $50 with a range of benefits at each tier. In 2021, we will draw a different pattern each month in our monthly zooms with recordings available for anyone who can't join live. Your monthly fee is taken when you join and then the first of each month thereafter. There's no obligation, you can opt out whenever you wish.

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Looking forward to attending & speaking at the annual ATM Conference, postponed from last year and now virtual. 90 sessions to join or watch later if it clashes with another Choice. It's an amazing opportunity for international colleagues to gain access to the full 3 days from just £50 ( students) or £100 (non members). See the programme and full details of plenaries, sessions & speakers via

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(APR 2021)


Maths & Art, a fascinating combination I discussed with Journalist Vishva Samani when she visited my studio in March. Her piece got an outing on BBC Asian Network social media on Facebook & Instagram. I was also invited on  for a short discussion on the Big Debate on BBC Asian Network.

The cherry on the cake was hearing Edward Stourton pronounce my name correctly as he introduced the piece on BBC Radio 4 on the Sunday programme - listen to it below:

(MAR 2021)

on BBC Radio 4 Sunday ProgrammeMaths & Art
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A recent interview with art 'n fann

I really enjoyed chattering away with Allayth, I think he asked me some great questions and well I do like to talk!

(MAR 2021)

scripts and scribes.JPG

A recent short interview with

Notice in the interview how I get slightly ratty when these patterns are some how not included in mathematics!

(FEB 2021)


I finally made it on to Esra Al Hamal's Podcast, Art Illuminated Podcast, her second season of an art and craft dedicated show about contemporary arts and crafts inspired by traditional practice #ArtIlluminatedPod.We had such a laugh chatting away,except near the end when I was so hungry and Esra asked me hard questions!

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(SEPT 2020)


Having not written anything long form in 20 years, writing for a special edition of the Journal of the Assosciation of Teachers of Mathematics was an epic task, so I diligently dove in full concentration to write a way too long article! Read Part 1of A former mathematics teacher's insight into Islamic Geometric Patterns

(SEPT 2020)