Let the workshop preps begin! 4 days to go!

Compass sets ✔

Rulers ✔

Paper ✔

Tracing paper ✔

2B pencils ✔

2H pencils ✔ Box full of erasers ✔

Masking tape ✔

Coloured felt pens ✔ Coloured fine liners ✔

Coloured pencils ✔

Anything else? I don't mind hitting the shops...!

Anyway who am I kidding, I've been prepping for weeks... I'm just trying to hypnotise you in to signing up with shiny happy stationery! Here's the current state of play:

Friday 19th Feb,10am to 12pm @ Harrow Arts Centre ☆☆ 7 spaces available ☆☆

Sunday 21st Feb 11am to 2pm @ The Art Space Cass Art Kingston ☆☆ 9 spaces available ☆☆

Visit the workshop page to book your place!

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