Construction Instruction #1: A Moroccan Motif

First and foremost, I have to thank Muʿallim Mourtadi Noureddine for opening up the mystery of this design. His easy to follow video, with compass free perfect curves in chalk on a blackboard are just a glimpse into the skills these talented craftsman have.

مُعَلِّم = Mu’allim = master of a trade , teacher, instructor, tutor, pedagogue, educator

If you've been to Morocco, I'm pretty sure you would have seen this pattern: carved into plaster, mixed with floral motifs; in zellige mosaics, sometimes with a double or single weave; on the walls of a minarets, palaces and those that surround mighty gates. I grew to love it as I saw it time and time again in Fes.

Finding the video, was perfect, I gave it a go immediately and then had to make a version. So here it is, enjoy and do share your attempts, any which way you can.