Compasses for days - And I approve!

My geometry sets arrived today, so I wanted to make sure they were fit for purpose: The purpose of constructing supremely accurate geometric designs on a budget.

Buying compass sets for workshop use isn’t going to have the same criteria as buying one for personal use. It wouldn't have been feasible to buy anything over £10 , after all I needed 15 and I don't have a money tree in my garden.

After much deliberation, I chose the Helix Precision Plus Drawing Set A33002.

Based on two big reasons plus one minor:

1. The thumbwheel. Compasses with a thumbwheels are super useful in making those tiny adjustments and them staying put at the exact radius set. This set came with two compasses, both having a thumbwheel. Perfect. The large one has quick release mechanism. So win, win and a medal too.

2. The pen clamp. We don't always want to use the HB lead, and in my case, I never use it! So a pen clamp is vital, I can then construct with any pen or pencil of my choice. Freedom.

3. The extension arm. I haven't ever used one of these. So getting a chance to play with one and maybe one day go large (without fries) was A OK by me.

So if these features deliver, as I expected and hope, then I’m happy. And so to the verdict...

Verdict: A superb set. For under £10. Amazing, Thank you Amazon.

The main thing I appreciate at this budget is that they are sturdy pieces and stay put in the positions set. The compass points are sharp enough not move easily and not too sharp that they pierce a hole in the paper.

So if you’re after a starter set or on a tight budget, or need a set of 15 like me, I’d recommend this set for sure.

Some important points to note:

1. I have a stinking cold, so when I recorded the videos, my strange blocked nose breathing and sniffles accompanied by Radio 4 in the background sounded awful. I should have at some point removed the audio… but no, I added music instead. A strange choice I know, I know…

2. If you’re a Seinfeld fan (as every good and intelligent person should be), seeing my videos may have reminded you of a particular episode…. Man Hands. Enjoy…