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A prerecorded set of detailed video demonstrations accompanied by step by step PDFs to enable you to draw, trace, tile, transfer and paint Islamic Geometric Patterns. If you are a complete beginner then my first course is for you. The second intermediate course builds upon the first and goes through more involved patterns with further techniques with watercolour paint and pencil to try out.


The patterns covered on these courses, I don't teach elsewhere online or at my workshops. When you complete the courses, I hope alot of the more interesting and complicated patterns & instructions available elsewhere by myself or others becomes accessible and less intimidating.


Do view the preview videos to see what you'll be learning in these affordable online courses which have helped almost 3000 students in 90 countries to get started and go on to access so much of the free intermediate & difficult content online and in books.

The Beginners Online Course

Draw Islamic Geometric Patterns With A Compass And Ruler

Enroll for £15/$15/€15 using the link below.

The patterns created on the course:

An Intermediate Online Course

Draw & Paint Islamic Patterns: Eightfold Islamic Geometry

Enroll for £30/$30/€30 using the  link below

The patterns created on the course:

How it works

You enroll once and gain full lifetime access to the on-demand video lectures and PDF Supplemental Resources. These can be enjoyed and viewed at any time, as often as you wish, at your own pace. All available on your laptop, PC, tablet, mobile or TV with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and a Certificate available on completion. There is a Q&A section where you can ask for any help and browse through the answers for other students questions too.

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An Eightfold Pattern: The Khatam


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