March 16, 2016

The 3rd in the  gang of Yotube Videos, for those of you who often ask for Video Tutorials. My thinking was that this book: Islamic Art and Architecture: System of Geometricby Issam El-Said and Tarek El-Bouri

is a wonderful resource and so this would be great to accompany it.


Hope you enjoy it, let me know how you get on with this Fig Leaf Motif pattern.



March 15, 2016

The details are now all finaised for the 10 week Course in West Ealing with OPEN Ealing based at the  Orchard Cafe on Singapore Road.



February 15, 2016

Compass sets ✔

Rulers ✔

Paper ✔

Tracing paper ✔

2B pencils ✔

2H pencils ✔
Box full of erasers ✔

Masking tape ✔

Coloured felt pens ✔
Coloured fine liners ✔

Coloured pencils ✔

Anything else? I don't mind hitting the shops...!


Anyway who am I kidding, I've been prepping for weeks... I'm just trying to hypnotise you in to signing up with shiny happy stationery! Here's the current state of play:


Friday 19th Feb,10am to 12pm @ Harrow Arts Centre
☆☆ 7 spaces available ☆☆

Sunday 21st Feb 11am to 2pm @ The Art Space Cass Art Kingston
☆☆ 9 spaces available ☆☆


Visit the workshop page to book your place!



February 12, 2016


A little visual guide...








February 3, 2016

Hello Geometry fans, I have details of my first workshops in London. Some perfect for beginners and some for those with previous geometry experience, but basically all who are curious about the patterns they may have seen in the Islamic World and beyond!


You won't need to bring anything with you, all materials and equipment will be supplied. However if you're anything like me, you may have a favourite set of colours (felt pens, pencils, paints!?) that you are welcome to bring along with you.


Advance bookings via the Islamic Geometry workshop page, any questions or queries, feel free to contact me. Hope to see some of you there!





January 30, 2016


When I referred back to images of this pattern, the proportions were not the same as I first tried. So after many trials, I came up with a proportion I was satisfied with. Then followed this video. Enjoy!






January 28, 2016

First and foremost, I have to thank Muʿallim Mourtadi Noureddine  for opening up the mystery of this design. His easy to follow video, with compass free perfect curves in chalk on a blackboard are just a glimpse into the skills these talented craftsman have.


مُعَلِّم = Mu’allim  = master of a trade , teacher, instructor,  tutor, pedagogue, educator


If you've been to Morocco, I'm pretty sure you would have seen this pattern: carved into  plaster, mixed with floral motifs; in zellige mosaics, sometimes with a double or single weave; on the walls of a minarets, palaces and those that surround mighty gates. I grew to love it as I saw it time and time again in Fes.


Finding the video, was  perfect, I gave it a go immediately and then had to make a version. So here it is, enjoy and do share your attempts, any which way you can.




January 17, 2016



What a week...


The  winning bid was now £125! Alhumdolillah, a nice sum going  Save The Children Syria Appeal.


Thanks for all the likes, kind messages and ofcourse those special few who bid too... you are  my faves!





January 15, 2016

I couldn't be this indulgent on instagram, so with thanks to the wonderful google autobackup, I can access and share the 1001 photos I seem to take! From constructing a pattern to painting and sometimes gilding it.



January 12, 2016

My geometry sets arrived today, so I wanted to make sure they were fit for purpose: The purpose of constructing supremely accurate geometric designs on a budget.


Buying compass sets for workshop use isn’t going to have the same criteria as buying one for personal use. It wouldn't have been feasible to buy anything over £10 , after all I needed 15 and I don't have a money tree in my garden.


After much deliberation, I chose the Helix Precision Plus Drawing Set A33002.


Based on two big reasons plus one minor:


1. The thumbwheel. Compasses with a thumbwheels are super useful in making those tiny adjustments and them staying put at the exact radius set. This set came with two compasses, both having a thumbwheel. Perfect. The large one has quick release mechanism. So win, win and a medal too.

2. The pen clamp. We don't always want to use the HB lead, and in my case, I never use it! So a pen clamp is vital, I can then construct with any pen or pencil of my choice. Freedom.

 3. The extension arm....

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